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woensdag 23 oktober 2013

Show at Les Fèvres 2013 in the The castle-museum of Eu (France, Seine-Maritime). last weekend.

On the way to our destination, the beautiful countryside of Normandy.

 Goodmorning Normandy, from Hotel de Calais, Le Treport

Ferdinand Duc D'orleans 1810-1842 in Eu

Dujardyn artconcept exhibition at Les Fèvres 2013

 My brother Brecht Dujardyn, myself and our friend Peter Staffen.

The castle-museum of Eu (France, Seine-Maritime).

Attachments you will find drawings of the three brands and lecterns that are forged during the show Les Fèvres 2013.

We start by magnifying the sketch on an iron plate.

The pieces are forged and fitted on the drawing

Our friend and also proffesional  artist blacksmith, Romain Schleich.

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